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Economic Research

Economic research helps maximise our clients’ benefits and minimise costs in decision-making given their scarce resources. Economics are broadly divided into macroeconomics and microeconomics. These two branches complement each other in the application to the real world.


In the public sector, research on macroeconomic issues allows policymakers to devise relevant policies and implement them for the benefit of society.


In the private sector, macroeconomics assesses external factors that impact the firm, as well as the industry it is operating in. Microeconomics, in particular business economics, is applied to analyze business decisions and devise effective action plans.


Economics is the basis for various strategy frameworks used in the business world, such as SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces. The application of econometrics and the use of quantitative methods support data analysis and interpretation.

  • Bridge economics theory and managerial practices.

  • Optimise business decisions using available resources to achieve set objectives.

  • Forward-planning to achieve goals and prepare for future challenges

  • Common applications include:

- Risk Analysis

- Production Analysis

- Pricing Analysis

- Capital Budgeting

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