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The Economy

The Thai economy began to take off in the 1970s and was on
its way to join the Asian Tigers in the 1980s as one of the world’s
fastest-growing economies. The economy attracted foreign investors

and saw multinational companies entering the market in pursuit of gaining a foothold.



1970s – 1980s

The Start

Thus, in the face of the highly competitive environment, Siam Institute of Marketing Research was established in 1982 and officially registered under the same name in 1983 (Thai: เอส. ไอ. เอม. สถาบันการตลาด) with the aspiration to help companies MNCs and local alike - realise how market research could bring them insights into

target customers.


SIM Research

The company started to become known in a wider circle through referrals by existing clients. As the shorter, abbreviated version of the company name was opted for by most existing and new clients, the management decided to change the name to SIM Research (Thai: ซิมริเซอช) in 1986 in order to ensure uniformity.



Achieving Recognition

The regional markets began to understand the importance of market research in all stages of the business cycle. SIM Research expanded service offerings and industry coverage. A number of continuous projects with our key clients started during this period.  


The company became recognised as a high-quality market research agency that possesses a good grasp of the most subtle Southeast Asian cultural nuances.



The World Today

Today, while globalisation makes the world more than ever connected, local identities have also grown in great importance. The challenge faced by businesses around the globe and across all industries is how to keep a coherent brand DNA while adapting to different cultures.



Thrive to Success

At SIM Research, we believe success comes when both internal and external factors are taken into account. Through various kinds of research, we help clients tap into customers’ minds as well as to understand and improve the performance of their own organisations. 

With the fast-paced technological advancement and amidst the turmoil, from emerging market crisis to the trade war between China and the United States, SIM Research yearns to help businesses thrive in this fast-changing and increasingly integrated world.

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