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Social Research

Social research calls for gathering data that are pertinent to the product and service concept, the beneficiaries, and the values, beliefs, attitudes, and capabilities of those who are expected to provide the product and service. This is also referred to as the wide dissemination of a public welfare-oriented service or product to a socially intended set of beneficiaries – it can be the poor or to a political leader’s constituents.

  • Uncover the intended beneficiaries’ priority needs and values in changing their behavior from harmful to beneficial, from bad to good, or from good to better.

  • Collect information and feedback from individuals that belong to various backgrounds, ethnicity, age-groups, etc., by either online and offline medium.

  • Explore almost all areas of human behavior to gain a greater understanding of individuals and societies — and how to help them make better choices.

  • Find out about people and societies to design products/services that cater to the various needs of the people.

  • Monitor changes occurring among beneficiaries with respect to their priorities and values.

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